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my name is Rosiane Larochelle and I welcome you to my candid world of luxury bedding. It took life, time and experiencing motherhood for me to understand what “my thing” would be. As a new mom, I was incredibly touched and inspired by our two children. Their innocence of the world captured my attention, as they taught me how the most mundane things could turn out to be miracles on a daily basis.
Les Petits Loulous, meaning ‘little ones”, was born while designing and decorating our first child’s nursery. Throughout this process and with every loving touch and attention to detail - I remember experiencing a pivotal moment of realization… “wow, I am going to be a mom”. I think that most moms experience this at one time during pregnancy, however, for me it was the moment when I clearly understood my passion and where I would focus my creative energy. Les Petits Loulous is what I call our children; therefore, it made so much sense to me.
Les Petits Loulous is a luxury baby and junior bedding company hancrafted in Montréal,Canada, which started on our dining room table in 2016. I was ready to sew, ready to express my creativity and ready to personally produce beautiful luxury linens to be appreciated by families near and far. Today, with every cut and stitch, I think about the little souls who will receive my hand-made gift, while reminiscing about the best moments of my life; meeting our “little ones” for the very first time. It gives me so much joy to create each piece; my wish is that each child and family enjoys their purchase, as much as I enjoyed making it for them.
Our Values
  • Quality and luxury fabrics,
  • Fashionable and current style trend & patterns
  • Outstanding customer service,
  • A rich and second to none experience,
  • With detail and branded packaging,
  • A solid presence on social media.

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